About Us

More than 30 years of experience
In the wire and cable industry

Ardestan Kimia Cable Company was established in 1391 with the aim of supplying all kinds of wires and cables and entered the production field in 1401 and started its production with the Lador cable brand. It is worth mentioning that this company has been able to obtain the necessary standards for the production of all Afshan wires and cables from the competent authorities, and currently it is possible to produce Afshan wires up to size 240 and Afshan cables up to size 16.
The history of this company is under the brand name Cable Afshan Iran and with the current management since 2010 in Isfahan province.

Lador Cable is for the production of all kinds of construction and industrial wires and cables

The honor of working with reputable organizations and bodies such as:

  • Water and sewage of Isfahan province
  • Water and sewage of Khorasan Razavi province
  • Water and sewage of Fars province
  • Mubarake steel of Isfahan
  • Khoozestan steel
  • Isfahan steel company
  • Gachsaran oil and gas exploitation
  • Isfahan Province Gas Company
  • Oil design and construction
  • Pars oil and gas
  • Isfahan Refinery