Kimia Cable Ardestan

Manufacturer of copper wire and cable


Kimia Cable Ardestan Factory is a producer of all kinds of copper wire and cable with high quality and high standard under the cable Lador brand. For the production of cable Lador products, the best pure and quality raw materials are used.

Manufacturer of all kinds of wires and cables

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More than a decade of experience
in the wire and cable industry

Ardestan Kimia Cable Company was established in 1391 with the aim of producing and supplying all kinds of wires and cables under the Lador brand. It is worth mentioning that the history of this company is under the brand name of Kabul Afshan Iran and with the current management since 1380 in Isfahan province.

More than ten years of experience

Kimia Cable Ardestan Company started its activity in the field of production of wires and cables under the Lador brand since 1401.

Use of expert staff

Expert staff is the biggest asset of Kimia Cable Ardestan Company and has been able to distinguish this company from others.

Product warranty

All products of Kimia Cable Ardestan company have a warranty for 2 years from the date of delivery.

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Ardestan Kimia Cable Company, under the management of Mr. Sharifzadeh, started its activity in the field of distribution of all kinds of wires and cables in Isfahan province since 1391. In 1401, by obtaining a license from the Department of Industries and Mines and the General Department of Standards of Isfahan province, in the field of producing all kinds of copper wire and cable, it developed its activity with the brand Lader Kabul. Now, with the benefit of a strong, efficient and experienced expert team, it has entered the field of wire and cable production, and the range of products of this company is increasing day by day and updated with the latest wire and cable standards. In order to satisfy the customers, this company has always tried to provide the best products – along with high-quality services, in accordance with the modern methodology – to its valuable customers.